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15 Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes To Make Your Thanksgiving Special

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Thanksgiving is the day when we thank the blessings of the harvest. And on Thanksgiving, we have a holiday, yeah!. and we try to make the holiday better by making delicious food and gathering with the family.

I personally very enjoy the day of thanksgiving. Even I enjoy all festivals because I got a holiday on it :). And as said earlier on holidays, I like to eat delicious food and be hanging out with my family and friends. But on the other hand of the Meals/appetizers, I loved to eat side dishes and desserts on the occasion of thanksgiving.

15 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes Side Dishes

But back then, finding the best and the tasty side dishes is the biggest problem for me. And it takes a lot of my time just searching for the side dishes. Even if I know what to make, I can make it in the time of finding the recipe for the side dish.

So for the time of a lot of years, I am gathering a lot of side dish recipes. That I got a complete collection of side dishes which I tried myself or tried by my friends. I got over 25 recipes but for the sack of the post; I am giving you 15 Thanksgiving best side dishes recipes of it. Because I think finding the best recipe of yours type out of 15 is a lot easier than finding the recipes out of 25 or more.

I think I talked too much. So just give it a stop and deep dive into the 15 Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes.

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15. Perfectly Roasted Potatoes

This is one of the most innovative and perfect recipes for potatoes I’ve ever eat. When I see this for the first time I literally think it a pancake and it should be sweet. But when I try this, it is completely different. And from then I am in love with this delicious recipe and for the diet/health enthusiast it only contains 200 calories per serving.


Check the recipe Here.

14. Thanksgiving Stuffing

This Thanksgiving stuffing recipe is especially for this specific holiday. After eating this yummy recipe, you will fall in love. Especially the taste of mashed potatoes in it will surely make you happy. The green bean casserole also makes this dish so delicious. I think the combination of both of them makes this recipe more delicious.

Thanksgiving stuffing recipe

Find the complete recipe here.

13. Herby Rhodes Rolls

Did you ever want to try something buttery and salty with bread in another way than the traditional one (One in which we just directly eat the bread by spreading the butter on it)? I know you didn’t like me. Before I try this herby Rhodes rolls. I just love the concept and the taste of this innovative recipe.

Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Check out the recipe here.

12. Best-Ever Candied Yams

This amazing sweet made up of potatoes and brown sugar will make you crazy after eating this. And I bet you didn’t even try this type of sweet in your entire life. It is just an unfamiliar taste on your tongue.

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